Porting to FreeBSD

I’ve updated the FreeBSD port to 4.09.1. The application that I need to run has has tests that fail in attempting to listen to a socket. The test program consumes all available file descriptors, which suggests a fairly low-level issue in handling the system calls. I’m new to OCaml would appreciate help in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

do you have some more details on “the application that I need to run”? is it open source, and can be further investigated? I am using OCaml 4.09.0 and even 4.10.0 with great success on FreeBSD-12 systems without file descriptor issues. I am willing to help with your issue, but would need some more information.

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It is the Tezos app. I’m working from this commit

Their Makefile target tezos-p2p.test runs the failing tests.
Thanks for the help!

ok. sorry, but my interests are not too much into that technology. if you figure out a small (independent) test case which fails on FreeBSD, I’m happy to look into that.

I think that the next experiment I should run is a simple listening server to see whether it binds to the socket successfully. Their code uses Lwt. I tried a couple online examples, but they don’t compile, so I need to improve my OCaml skill. Thanks.

The software has an unstated dependency on ipv6, and it was not enabled on my host.

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