Passing extra CFLAGS to the ocaml compilers

Is there an “official” interface to pass extra CFLAGS to the ocaml compilers?

I just realized neither the old ocaml.git#trunk:configure nor the new ever considered CFLAGS. Nor does any option exist to stuff more required compiler flags into, just so that every package will automatically use it.

In my case I have to pass -fno-lto to all packages which do not build with dune, which is (as of now) just pyml and stdcompat.

Passing -Werror=implicit-function-declaration would be also desirable…

I mean, I can certainly hack around the lack of --extra-cflags myself. Just wondering why it does not exist.

I think you may be in luck :slight_smile: I just checked and both seem to have dune files in their repos:

This is true. Unfortunately this does not mean both can be built with dune, at least it fails for me.