Participate in Learn Area User Testing

We need some help with usability testing on the Learn area!

What’s it all about?

We’re conducting user testing sessions to enhance the UX/UI and content of the learning area. This is an opportunity for individuals with no prior knowledge of OCaml.

We will do a 1:1 video call with you where we present you with a GitHub codespace that gives you a set of programming tasks to solve. We want to learn from you solving (or trying to solve) the tasks in order to improve the documentation.

We will share relevant documents or materials before the session.

Key Criteria for Participants:

  • No previous experience with OCaml
  • Interested in learning OCaml
  • Be available for a 1 hour video call

How to Participate:
Simply express your interest through this Google Form. Spots are limited!

Obviously, most people here reading this will not meet the criteria (because of previous OCaml knowledge), however, in this case, we ask you to reach out and share this invitation with friends or acquaintances who might be willing and qualified to participate.


I’m interested but the Google Form is private!


Sorry about that, it should be visible now!