Packaging: Opam-depext for CentOS

I found a CentOS package for a lib with C bindings I’m going to release, but it is not is the default repository, it’s in the “EPEL” one.

So if I do

 $ docker run -it  ocaml/opam:centos-7_ocaml-4.03.0 bash
 $ sudo yum install jack-audio-connection-kit-devel
No package jack-audio-connection-kit-devel available.

should I still put the depext field for "centos"?

I’d say yes. I think, for example, zeromq is in EPEL and it is listed as a depext for CentOS.

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This is probably worth just special casing in the depext plugin by adding a centos epel one for that remote. An issue or PR on would be appreciated.

There is this related issue:
(CentOS has an epel-release package but it has to be yum-installed before the other ones; however, I don’t think CentOS users would love a (semi-)automatic tool adding package repositories by itself)
And I created this one: