Packaging of a ppx rewriter module with opam

Let’s take a basic ppx rewriter, say .
Its manual compilation is fine with the following command:

$ ocamlfind ocamlopt -o foo_ppx.native -package compiler-libs.common \
-package ppx_tools.metaquot -linkpkg 

A sample file using the new syntax is correctly preprocessed with ppx_tools/rewriter.

I read
opam lint foo_ppx.opam : Passed.
But I’m still having syntax problems while trying
opam pin . or opam install .

What should exactly be put in the build and install fields of the opam file to translate the CLI build command into a “configure/make/install opam” incantation for this ppx rewriter?

I want to stay minimalist (just ocaml, ocamlfind, ppx tools, opam).

$ cat foo_ppx.opam
opam-version: "2.0"
name: "foo_ppx"
version: "0.1"
synopsis: "Foo_ppx packaging exercise"
description: """ Longer description """
maintainer: "Name <email>"
authors: "Name <email>"
license: "x"
homepage: "x"
bug-reports: "x"
dev-repo: "git://"

depends: [ "ocaml" "ocamlfind" "ppx_tools"]
(* just added "ppx_tools" ; or maybe "ppxlib"?*)

(* I tried different translations of the ocamlfind command 
- not reproduced here - certainly too ugly 
The following is exactly the template's stuff  *)
build: [ ["./configure" "--prefix=%{prefix}%"]
install: [make "install"]