Owl - generating docs

The Owl-Documentation seems inconsistent with the 0.6.0-release.
Algorithmic Differentiation
So for example Vec is not included. Try and error is tedious so I am wondering it it is possible to automatically generate an API-documentations from the mli-files e.g. with ocamldoc.
Thanks in advance!

@atzensepp we opened an issue recently for the fact that the tutorial is out of sync with the library. There is an ongoing discussion on how to make sure that this will not happen again, but not yet a definitive plan.

This part of the documentation should be up to date: https://ocaml.xyz/apidoc/index.html

Right now owl uses a mixture of ocamldoc and restructured text, as ocamldoc was too restrictive for its needs. I don’t know all the details of this though.

Thanks for pointing me to the doc.
The amount of functionality is so large that I can imagine how tedious it is to keep it up to date.
I will stop complaining and ask specific questions when they arise.

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