Owl. Error: Unbound module Plot

I have installed (via opam): owl, plplot, owl-plplot, owl-top. I have two files:

$ cat dune
  (name sinusoid)
  (libraries owl owl-plplot))


open Owl

let f x = Maths.sin x /. x 
let h = Plot.create "plot_001.png"

Plot.set_title h "Function: f(x) = sine x / x";
Plot.set_xlabel h "x-axis";
Plot.set_ylabel h "y-axis";
Plot.set_font_size h 8.;
Plot.set_pen_size h 3.;
Plot.plot_fun ~h f 1. 15.;

Plot.output h

And after I exec dune build I get this:

$ dune build
File "sinusoid.ml", line 4, characters 8-19:
4 | let h = Plot.create "plot_001.png"
Error: Unbound module Plot

What does it take for the dune to see the Plot module?

Hi @danil-braun,

I think the Plot module you want is in the owl-plplot package, so to reference it you will need to also

open Owl_plplot

before using Plot