Outreachy internship


Thanks a lot, it works with Printf.fprintf

Ok, I understood


Hi everyone! There is a task on outreachy project webpage to “convert the mlinterp project to use the Dune build system instead of a Makefile”, which I completed and made a pull request. Just letting you know because the repo is not really active.

Also, the “Intern tasks” section on the project webpage mentions using an interpreter for testing the compiler. Is mlinterp the interpreter that we would/could use?


I would like to know what is expected of the Outreachy applicant in the final application. On the application page it is written that we need to fill in the timeline, but the mentor may ask not to do this. Tell me please, what are your requirements for the final application?


@Lereena: correct, I’m not asking for a timeline.



I just discovered Outreachy, and I also found the random tests project. Needless to say, I’m interested in contributing to OCaml. I know the deadline is rather soon, but I think I can get a contribution in by the 28th.

Should I write on comment on the Github page for the issue I want to work on?


Please feel free to comment on the Github or here: it may be useful to get feedback on how to start hacking on the compiler, or a finer-grained opinion on the amount of work hidden behind a given junior_job tag.