Opam repository PR fails travis (b/c trying to clone repo)

I have a package that I’m trying to publish to opam, and (for various reasons) it needs to have a “slightly modified” version of a standard package, available only for the build-step (it doesn’t install it). I put that slight modification out on github in a fork, and my build-script clones that repo.

The Travis step fails, b/c the “git clone” fails trying to get to the network. In retrospect, it seems obvious why one would not want to allow such arbitrary network operations from within a build-environment.

Uh, I can (of course) put a -copy- of the package into the repo, but I’d prefer to not do so; is there any other way to make this work?

[for those who are curious, the project is: https://github.com/chetmurthy/not-ocamlfind ]

How about adding it as a git submodule under third_party/<project name>? This doesn’t make a copy, it just creates a sort of link.

Travis would still need to fetch it. Does that work in the CI environment? I’m not saying it doesn’t, just … I already know that a “git clone” simply fails.

In the end, I just stuck a copy of the subproject in there. Easier to do that and move on …

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I agree that going with the simplest solution is best unless you have strong reasons to reject it.

Regarding Travis, I’m unsure if it does the right thing for submodules by default.