Opam-cross-windows now supports OCaml 4.14.0!

Hi there!

Bit of a late announcement but the opam-cross-windows project now supports the OCaml compiler version 4.14.0: GitHub - ocaml-cross/opam-cross-windows: An OCaml cross-toolchain for Windows and several useful libraries

The opam-cross-windows project is part of an initiative started by @whitequark to provide cross-compilation support to existing opam packages. This allows users to compile binaries for windows but also android and ios on a linux or macos host.

Support for packages is a on best-effort basis and is always looking for more contributors. Adding a package can be a little tricky at times but, if your package uses dune, the cross-compilation support there is pretty wonderful and makes it pretty easy to add cross-compiled packages.

Hope this can be helpful to some of y’all!
– Romain