Ocaml cross compiler?


Hello, what is the state of cross-compilation in Ocaml world? By cross-compilation I mean being compiling Ocaml code on for example some Windows or Linux system and targeting some other systems like Mac OSX. Is there ready to use toolchain builds that is able to cross-compile? Or do I need to build one myself?


Dune, the OCaml build system, is adding cross-compilation in the 1.0+beta17 version. Unfortunately there were some issues so it would seem that the release is still postponed on opam and github. See the following thread for more on that.

The docs about how to use it is already live, but I’m still not really sure how it works.


I have a plan to write a blog post explaining the cross compilation support in dune and the opam-cross-x repos a little better. It’s not my first priority currently, but expect such a thing post February.


I’m still not sure how to do this…