Ocsigen Start: How to really get up and running in 5 minutes?



That’s a good thing for the people who will come and give ocsigen a try.

For the time being, once the installation is done, the problem is that there are many dead links in the ocsigen website, especially in the doc/tutorial section http://ocsigen.org/tuto/6.2/manual/intro

http://ocsigen.org/tuto/latest/manual/how-to-call-a-server-side-function-from-client-side is dead, but replacing latest with 6.2 works:

But other paths are not easy to guess. For example, in http://ocsigen.org/tuto/6.2/manual/tutowidgets page, the css is not available: http://ocsigen.org/tuto/files/tutorial/tutowidgets/ex.css

What is the replacement path to get to that ressource?


(experimenting with ocsigen-start app in vscode using OCaml and Reason IDE plugin)
All files are .eliom; I got vscode to associate .eliom with .ml, so highlighting and etc. works, but the ppx such as let%shared is not recognized. I would say this is because there is no .merlin set up or dune for that matter.

How can I set up merlin or dune (for automatic merlin file config) to get ppx’s recognized by merlin?

edit: found answer at https://github.com/ocsigen/eliom/issues/532


I don’t know. Maybe people used to ppx can answer this general question?

I just know that if you setup a dune file, then a .merlin file should be generated (for that you need to execute some dune build/run commands).



And where are the other resources used all along these tutorials?


I will fix this. In the meantime you can still find it here: