Ocsigen-start don't compile!

I try to compile the Demo for ocsigen-start (from Your first app in 5 min :wink:)

But I have this error and I don’t know what to do:

@debian:~/ocsimobile$ make test.byte
LC_ALL=C ocsigen-i18n-generator \
--languages en,fr \
--default-language en \
--primary ocsimobile_i18n.tsv \
< assets/ocsimobile_Demo_i18n.tsv \
eliomc -w +A-4-7-9-37-38-39-41-42-44-45-48-70 -ppx -ppx "ocsigen-i18n-rewriter --prefix 'Ocsimobile_' --suffix '_i18n' --default-module Ocsimobile_i18n" -infer -package lwt_ppx -package js_of_ocaml-ppx_deriving_json -package ppx_deriving.std -package pgocaml -package ocsigen-ppx-rpc -package ocsigen-start.server ocsimobile_Demo_i18n.eliom
File "ocsimobile_Demo_i18n.eliom", line 1, characters 24-42:
1 | let%shared languages = [Ocsimobile_i18n.En;Ocsimobile_i18n.Fr]
Error: Unbound constructor Ocsimobile_i18n.En
make: *** [Makefile.os:213 : _server/ocsimobile_Demo_i18n.type_mli] Erreur 2
rm ocsimobile_Demo_i18n.eliom

Same error with make test.opt

Ty for help

Le programmeur du Dimanche…

This project compiles successfully on CI (with right compiler versions). It should give you a few hints…

Ty for your answer but I give up.