[Ocsigen] One service or coservice has not been registered on URL /

Hello, I’ve been learning Ocsigen recently and I used Makefiles* and config from pgocaml template, and tried to create project from scratch, using only configs from template. Here is the only file I have with name test.eliom (project name is “test”):

    open Eliom_lib
    open Eliom_content
    open Html.D

module App =
  Eliom_registration.App (
      let application_name = "test"
      let global_data_path = Some ["__global_data__"]

let%server main_service =
    ~path:(Eliom_service.Path [])
    ~meth:(Eliom_service.Get Eliom_parameter.unit)

let%client main_service = 

let%shared () =
    (fun () () ->
           Html.F.(body [
             h1 [pcdata "Welcome from Eliom's distillery!"];

Errors I get:

ocsigenserver: ocsigen:main: Eliom: in site / - One service or coservice has not been registered on URL /. 
ocsigenserver: ocsigen:main: Please correct your modules and make sure you have linked in all the modules...

I know it is trivial question, but what is missing? Thanks.

Hi docks_95 :slight_smile:
I copy pasted your code and it worked fine, I think your problem lies in your Makefiles. Did you generate your project with eliom-distillery ? If it is the case, can you share your Makefile.options ?