Ocp-index-top v0.4.1 - first release on opam

Hello all!

I am please to announce the first release of ocp-index-top on opam.

Ocp-index-top brings a #doc directive to your OCaml toplevel. It uses ocp-index for showing the documentation of modules, types, value, etc. The directive adds a convenience over ocp-browser in that the use doesn’t have to switch between the toplevel and another terminal with ocp-browser running. Furthermore, the directive will use the context for looking up identifiers, such as opened modules.

Note that due to a change in utop 2.0.1 you should use utop-full.

The project started as a procrastination at the 2017 Mirage hack retreat in Marrakech. Rudi Grinberg helped me figuring out how to install a toplevel directive. Without his help this project would probably have stayed an idea!

  • Reynir

So awesome to see the 2017 hack retreat turn out such a useful opam package! :slight_smile: