[ANN] Odig 0.0.4


It’s my pleasure to announce a new release of odig.

odig is a command line tool to lookup documentation of installed
OCaml packages. It shows package metadata, readmes, change logs,
licenses, cross-referenced odoc API documentation and manuals.

To browse the documentation of your opam switch’s packages simply
proceed with:

opam install ocaml-manual odig 
odig doc 

An odig manual and the packaging conventions can be consulted via:

odig doc odig # or see https://b0-system.github.io/odig/doc/odig 

A sample output on a best-effort maximal set of packages of the
opam repository can be found here:


The highlights of this release are:

  • Support for the latest odoc (includes navigation improvements).

  • Support for mld manuals and package landing page customization.
    See for example: https://b0-system.github.io/odig/doc/odig

  • Support for API documentation themes. The default odoc theme
    and light and dark themes optimized for legibility are bundled
    with odig; and you can bring your own via opam packages. The
    odig default themes can be spotted online by following the
    links here:

  • Support for OCaml manual theming when the ocaml-manual
    package is installed. Provides a best-effort (for better
    results a closer rework of the manual HTML gen would be needed)
    seamless style transition between API docs and the OCaml
    manual. For example follow the link to the manual on:

The release notes have all the details, especially removals details from 0.0.3:


Most of this is brought to you thanks to support added in odoc
by Thomas Refis and Rizo Isrof. Thanks also to Thomas Refis for
helping with odoc driving details, with odoc bug chasing and

Homepage: http://erratique.ch/software/odig

Best & happy documentation reading,