Ocamls spotted in the wild

Here’s a paper on algorithms for theoretical particle physics referring to ocaml published today:

Functional directed acyclical graphs for scattering amplitudes in perturbation theory


It looks like this paper builds on previous work implementing a tool called Omega in OCaml, which has been around since 2001:

O’Mega: An Optimizing Matrix Element Generator
Mauro Moretti, Thorsten Ohl, Jürgen Reuter, 2001
[hep-ph/0102195] O'Mega: An Optimizing Matrix Element Generator


That’s true: parts of O’Mega are so old that its name is a pun on the former name O’Caml. There are some basic modules that have stood the test of time and haven’t changed in the last 22 years. Nevertheless, the original code was very hard to extend. The “discovery” of the composable commutinq squares (34) and (38) has made things much simpler.

Looks like very cool work! Out of curiosity, is the source code available somewhere?

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There’s a public git of the current master branch. Some of the stuff described in the paper has not been merged yet (it’s part of a large project and the other parts have to adapt their interfaces).