Ocamlopt segment faulted

While building my project ocamlopt seg faulted. I can run things in utop fine. I am on the relatively recent version of 4.10.2. I need a version that supports Apple M1.

I wonder is this is worth reporting to the compiler folks (i.e. open a ticket on Github). Should I try a newer version of compiler first? Which one is considered non-experimental and still supports Apple M1?

I think the most likely explanation is a Stack Overflow in the compiler that doesn’t get detected correctly on Apple M1 hardware. That the native compiler can run into Stack Overflows on big file is a known bug; the usual workaround is to split the big file into several smaller ones.
The failure to correctly detect Stack Overflows on the new ARM Macs is also a known bug, but it is being worked on (I don’t think the fix will make it into 4.13 though).

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Yes splitting the big file “sets.ml” into two solved the problem. Thanks!