OCaml.org Newsletter: June 2024

Welcome to the June 2024 edition of the OCaml.org newsletter! This update has been compiled by the OCaml.org team. You can find previous updates on Discuss.

Our goal is to make OCaml.org the best resource for anyone who wants to get started and be productive in OCaml. The OCaml.org newsletter provides an update on our progress towards that goal and an overview of the changes we are working on.

We couldn’t do it without all the amazing people who help us review, revise, and create better OCaml documentation and work on issues. Your participation enables us to so much more than we could just by ourselves. Thank you!

This newsletter covers:

  • Recipes for the OCaml Cookbook: Help us make the OCaml Cookbook really useful by contributing and reviewing recipes for common tasks!
  • Community & Marketing Pages Rework: Implementation work in progress.
  • General Improvements: As usual, we also worked on general maintenance and improvements, so we’re highlighting some of the work that happened below.

Open Issues for Contributors

You can find open issues for contributors here!

Recipes for the OCaml Cookbook

The OCaml Cookbook is a place where OCaml developers share how to solve common tasks using packages from the ecosystem.

A recipe is a code sample and explanations on how to perform a task using a combination of open-source libraries.

The Cookbook is live at ocaml.org/cookbook.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Review, then open pull requests for cookbook recipes!
  2. Contribute new recipes and tasks for the cookbook!

Relevant PRs and Activities:

Community & Marketing Pages Rework

We have UI designs for the reworked and new pages of the community section, and implementation is in progress.

Relevant PRs and Activities:

General Improvements and Data Additions


  • To reduce repetition of the module interface definitions relating to ood-gen (the tool that turns the files in the data/ folder into OCaml modules), types have been factored out. This hopefully makes it simpler to contribute to changes to the data models.
  • Materials for some of the tutorials have been published under the ocaml-web · GitHub GitHub organisation: “Your First OCaml Program”, “Modules”, “Functors”, and “Libraries With Dune”.
  • The OCamlFormat version used to format the project is now 0.26.2.

Relevant PRs and Activities: