OCaml on docker build error: Uuid missing

I am using docker to build an ubuntu binary. It has been working reasonably well. But recently I started using “Uuid” module from “Core”. With this, I get “Unbound module Uuid” error. Same code compiles on my laptop MacOSX. Any thoughts about what might be going wrong? Some additional details follow.

Error message:

File "pervasives/utils.ml", line 95, characters 13-27:
95 |   let uuid = Uuid.to_string (Uuid.create ()) in
Error: Unbound module Uuid

My Dockerfile looks like this

FROM ocaml/opam2:centos
RUN opam switch 4.08
RUN eval $(opam env)
# RUN opam install -y core ocamlbuild.0.12.0 getopt menhir re2
RUN opam install -y core ocamlbuild ocamlnet getopt menhir re2
ADD build.sh .
CMD ["./build.sh"]

Local (Mac OSX) settings

$ ocaml --version
ocaml --version
The OCaml toplevel, version 4.07.1

$ opam --version
opam --version

Are you using different versions of the core library? Try opam list to see what you have installed in both the Docker setup and the Mac one.

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Looks like the same libraries but there are version differences, e.g.,
core on my mac: v0.11.3
core on docker: v0.12.2

Uuid is coming from Core as far as I know, so perhaps this is the reason.

Uuid got split out into a separate library between those versions of Core. You need to add core.uuid to your dune file libraries field. Also, the module is now called Uuid_unix.

I am using ocamlbuild. Do I need to add a package to ocamlbuild?

(BTW, as Anil pointed out, it was a versioning issue indeed. when i pinned the core in the docker build to v11.0.3 it worked as expected.)

Yes, I think you can just add the core.uuid package.

I am aware it’s a versioning issue. For core starting at version v0.12.0, you’ll have to add the package explicitly to get the UUID library—this isn’t a workaround, it’s the intended behavior.

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