OCaml internship opportunities?

I know about Jane Street – are there any other companies which offer OCaml internships?


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  • I’ve asked in the ReasonML discord chat and the Reason team at Facebook doesn’t have internships this year.
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Here, in CMU, Cylab (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), we sometimes do OCaml internship. We are doing Binary Analysis and Reverse engineering using a platform written in OCaml. Those who are interested may contact me, and I will try to figure out if we can sponsor an internship this year.

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The MirageOS project has had several interns through the Google Summer of Code (for students) and Outreachy (for people from groups underrepresented in tech) programs. We keep a list of projects that might be good fits for interns under our canopy.


Is this under the Xen project umbrella? Some of the stuff is really interesting but I can’t find past student projects on the GSoC website and searching for MirageOS there only shows software for TI-8x calculators (!).

this was just posted in another thread: OCaml Internships at LexiFi (France)

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Yes, Mirage’s involvement in GSoC and Outreachy is managed by the Xen project, which we’re really thankful for!

I’m failing to find where past Outreachy internships are listed on Outreachy’s site (currently their “alums” link just goes to a list of the current round participants), so here’s a summary from memory (yikes) dating from my first involvement with the project:

Jyotsna Prakash built some ec2 bindings (more on her blog) in 2014.
Mindy Preston (that’s me!) made a bad fuzzer and wrote a lot, also in 2014.
Kia built us an NTP client and server in 2016. She also wrote about it, but I’m having trouble finding her blog - perhaps someone else remembers where it lives?
Gina Maini worked on syslogs for Mirage, also in 2016.

Through GSoC we also had David Udelson work on a REST API for Irmin this summer.

If I forgot anyone, please do correct and forgive me - it’s still pre-coffee time in my timezone!


Is internship available now?