Ocaml installation on different disk

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to install OCaml on Windows using diskuv installer, but the installer install everything in the C disk by default. As i don’t hav enough space in it, i wanted to know if it’s possible to install it on a different Disk like the (D disk) ?

You can use a different location by using the --verbose --prefix D:\blahblah command line option of the installer. That and other options are available with --help.

If that isn’t working for you, file an issue at https://github.com/diskuv/dkml-installer-ocaml/issues/new

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Where can i use this different location command line, because the installer (exe) runs directly without giving any chance to type anything.

We are having a communication difficulty. Can you categorize yourself into one of the following two categories?

Category 1

You are familiar with the terms “change directory” and “directory listing”.

The following makes sense to you:

  • Run the Command Prompt, PowerShell or Windows Terminal to get a command line.
  • Change directory (cd) to your browser’s download folder
  • Do a directory listing (dir) to find the specific filename you downloaded
  • Run setup-X.Y.Z.exe --verbose --prefix D:\blahblah from that directory, replacing setup-X.Y.Z.exe with the specific filename you found in the last step, and D:\blahblah with a suitable directory on your D drive

Category 2

You are not familiar with the terms “change directory” and “directory listing”. That’s fine! Since day-to-day use of OCaml requires familiarity with those terms (more generally, the “command line”), you should pause briefly and find some material before completing the installation.

I don’t know the best material for that though, so please respond if you are in Category 2 and perhaps one of the professors or teachers on this discuss forum can point you to material they use with their students.

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Thank you so much for your detailed response!

I ran the command setup-diskuv-ocaml-windows_x86_64-1.2.0 --verbose --prefix D:\OCaml

but it is still being installed in the wrong drive and not in the one i have specified in the command you have just given me.

I have only the uninstall.exe and app.ico files that are being installed in the D:\OCaml folder.

If you let it continue you’ll see that OCaml is installed in your D: drive but the prerequisites (Visual Studio and Git) have their own installers that install to default locations (C:).

Can you make an issue? Not for your benefit but for every other first-time user. 90+% of them ask+search questions in the Issues (Issues · diskuv/dkml-installer-ocaml · GitHub) because that is what the installer tells them to do.

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I have another folder called DiskuvOcaml that is roughly 2.5 Go that is being installed in C.

If i have already (Git and VS), is it gonna install them again, if that’s not the case, can i install VS on its own and then install the OCaml Windows installer?