OCaml from the Very Beginning now free in PDF and HTML formats

Thanks to a grant from the OCaml Software Foundation, I am able to release my book OCaml from the Very Beginning at no cost in its existing PDF format, and in a new HTML format too.

You can find it here: https://johnwhitington.net/ocamlfromtheverybeginning/.

The paperback and Kindle versions continue to be available from Amazon as before.

The book has recently been updated to make it ready for OCaml 4.14 which involved only minor changes to error handling and warnings. I have also opened the source.


Great news. Could you add the book and cc-by-sa-40 tags please ?

I have added the book tag. But it is by-nc-sa-40 for now, due to conflicts with earlier contracts. This could be liberalised in due time, once those contracts lapse.


wonderful, it’s a really excellent resource for the community!

That is great news! I can confirm from my own experience that the book is very suitable for people who are new to functional programming. The approach to start gently and with very basic structures is unique and I feel I got a lot more understanding because of it.