"OCaml -- first impressions"



We will have to agree to disagree. I find the python docs far more usable than the OCaml documentation. I don’t understand why search wouldn’t work for you, it works fine for me on Python and Ruby pages, and I use those docs all the time. I find the OCaml docs very hard to use by contrast — they’re both badly formatted and broken up in odd ways that make reading them harder.


(I like the Ruby docs even more, for what it’s worth.)


Call me biased, but the best documentation I’ve seen is Erlang’s. I have no idea why, and that’s despite the fact that pretty much everyone agrees that the API design is horribly inconsistent. Still, it’s extremely easy to find out how to use stuff (easier than Python) - I have programmed professionally in Erlang, Python, Elixir and JavaScript and Erlang is the best. Of course, it might be because Erlang only really supports one programming paradigm (the actor model), but does that very well, and everything is designed around it… so it’s quite obvious why you want to do stuff (after certain level of competence).


I can understand that reading an .mli file can give an understanding of what type of input i should provide to a function and what i get as an output but it hard for me to know the purpose of a function, when to use it and how to use it.


@airakaz See this new topic for a thread that’s just on documentation.