OCaml Discord Server


We couldn’t get a pretty discord link, but using tinyurl I was able to make https://tinyurl.com/discord-ocaml.
We also now have feeds on discord for github projects, the ocaml planet, ocaml weekly news, stack overflow and reddit.

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You should put that prettier link up on OCamlverse and ocaml.org

(I find the discord useful, but in case mattermost gets evaluated in the future) Mattermost product manager is designing their nonprofit/free tier for their upcoming cloud product, if anybody wants to send them ideas.

I’ve used both Zulip and Mattermost recently, and overall I prefer Zulip; the way it allows to structure topics is very useful to have more structured discussions than just a long chat. Mattermost supports replying to a specific message to run a sub-thread, but in my experience discussions are less structured, which diminishes my replay value. (Nowadays I avoid using instant-communication places because I feel that the content put there is somewhat “lost”, it is so unstructed that it is hard to search back and re-read in the future or for other people. I like that Zulip partially solves this issue.)


With Matterbridge almost everything can be used - from Discord to Slack, from Mattermost to IRC, from Telegram to Matrix, from Jabber to Gitter.

Zulip has been pretty awesome to use for clojure, so far, thanks for noting it.

Reflecting more on formats with good archives versus immediate interaction, I think real time chat works slightly better as a default, while using forums for high quality, well structured questions. Even if the conversation gets lost or is hard to search for, having the quick conversation feedback at a moment when people are ready interact can bring out more dynamic, richer interactions. Good ideas that emerge from those conversations will find themselves into forums, blog posts, and library implementations, later on, as they are acted upon or forwarded by the real time chat participants.