Ocaml cmt{,i} files and "-pack"

I suspect the answer is “that’s not supported”, but figured I ought to ask: I’m generating CMTI files from my source, and also linking together multiple source files into a “packed” module (with “-pack” and “-for-pack”). It doesn’t appear that .cmt{,i} files are packed alongside the .cmo files?

It’s clearly not a big deal, but I figured, if I’m doing something wrong to disable that, it’d be nice to know.

The individual .cmt files are not packed (they’re closer to source files than to object files), but the pack itself should have its own .cmt file with enough info that the tools that read it will know to look in the individual files.

The main problem is when you want to install the .cmt files, I guess, in which case you need to install all the individual files. I don’t think there’s a good chance of adding support for packing of .cmt files in the compiler, but if you’d find the feature useful feel free to file a report on the bug tracker.