OCaml Café: Wed, Aug 4 @ 7pm (U.S. Central)

Please join us at the next OCaml Cafe, a friendly, low stakes opportunity to ask questions about the OCaml language and ecosystem, work through programming problems that you’re stuck on, and get feedback on your code. Especially geared toward new and intermediate users, experienced OCaml developers will be available to answer your questions. Bring your code and we’ll be happy to review it, assist with debugging, and provide recommendations for improvement.

This month, OCaml Café will consist of two parts. First, Rudi Grinberg of OCaml Labs will present an informal introduction to Dune, the OCaml build system. Learn about Dune from one the people developing it. Following Rudi’s presentation, we will open the discussion to all things OCaml-related.

Full Zoom meeting details here.


Reminder: this is in 2 days!

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Reminder: this starts in 90 minutes!