OCaml available via PPA on Ubuntu 16.04?


Some of our dependencies using OCaml have started to require a newer version than the one that ships out of the box with Ubuntu 16.04.

I know I can use OPAM to build a newer version of OCaml from source, but I distribute a piece of software that’s self-installed by individual users and this causes the build times to skyrocket upwards of 15-20 minutes just for that one component. A prebuilt binary would be mighty convenient, but I haven’t found any that are available for 16.04.

I figured I’d ask here to see if there were faster alternatives that I could use for users on 16.04. It isn’t imperative that there be a faster solution, as most users of my software are on 18.04 or running the Docker version which builds all of this once and saves a lot of time.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to simply build your own package if you are shipping your own project? Since ocaml has a few dependencies, it could also be possible to install a package from the latter ubuntu versions, most of the time it just works, but I would rather choose to package by myself. A simple fix in .dsc file should be enough


But I’m looking at the dependencies and see no reasons why OCaml from bionic wouldn’t work in xenial