New ocaml release, existing package release supports is, but depends has a hard upper bound: do I need to publish a new package, or can I just change the opam file?

[I searched (issues, faq) and couldn’t find an answer to this question; hope this is an OK place to ask the Q]
I have a number of packages that I’ve released, and I set the ocaml dependency to

  "ocaml"       { >= "4.10.0" & < "5.01.0" }

Now that Ocaml 5.1.0 is coming out, I’d like to change this to < "5.02.0" . But nothing (literally nothing) else in the package needs to change. Can I just push a PR to opam-repository that changes this upper-bound for the latest released package?

Yeap, you can do that. I normally don’t put upper bounds on dependencies between my packages, then add them when I make a breaking change since it’s pretty painless.