Modules moved out of `Async_extra`



At Jane Street, we recently removed a number of modules from the
Async_extra library:

  • Cpu_usage
  • Dynamic_port_writer
  • File_tail
  • Persistent_singleton
  • Sequencer_table
  • Tcp_file
  • Unpack_sequence
  • Versioned_typed_tcp

These modules are now available as separate standalone libraries that
depend on Async. Please let us know if you would like us to release
any of them.


I’m using Unpack_sequence, so would appreciate if that was released.



I’m wondering, is there a reason not to release all of them? Jane Street code is already in a lot of packages, so 8 more packages wouldn’t probably make that much of a difference.

In any case, I appreciate modularizing code so it is easier to opt into just what is actually needed.


Well, some of them are things we’d like to discourage use of, like
Verisoned_typed_tcp, which we’ve come to think of as a mistake.