ML Family Workshop 2020: Call for presentations

We are happy to invite submissions to the ML Family Workshop 2020,
to be held during the ICFP conference week on Thursday,
August 27th.

The ML family workshop warmly welcomes submission touching
on the programming languages traditionally seen as part of the
“ML family” (Standard ML, OCaml, F#, CakeML, SML#, Manticore,
MetaOCaml, etc.). The scope of the workshop includes all aspects
of the design, semantics, theory, application, implementation,
and teaching of the members of the ML family. We also encourage
presentations from related languages (such as Haskell, Scala,
Rust, Nemerle, Links, Koka, F*, Eff, ATS, etc), to exchange
experience of further developing ML ideas.

Currently, the workshop is still scheduled to go ahead as planned
in Jersey City, however it is likely that the ML workshop will
end up being a virtual workshop this year. Either way provisions
will be made to allow speakers to present their work remotely.

See our detailed CFP online on the ICFP website:

Important dates

  • Friday 15th May (any time zone): Abstract submission deadline
  • Friday 26th June: Author notification
  • Thursday 27th August: ML Family Workshop

Program committee

  • Youyou Cong (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Gowtham Kaki (Purdue University)
  • Neel Krishnaswami (University of Cambridge)
  • Daan Leijen (Microsoft Research)
  • Koko Muroya (Kyoto University)
  • Atsushi Ohori (Tohoku University)
  • Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research)
  • Gabriel Radanne (INRIA)
  • Claudio Russo (Dfinity)
  • Leo White (Jane Street) (Chair)
  • Jeremy Yallop (University of Cambridge)

Submission details

See the online CFP for the details on the expected submission format.

Submissions must be uploaded to the workshop submission website

before the submission deadline.


Is it a whole workshop or just a talk that should be submitted?

This is a call for people to submit 20-25 minute talks, to be presented at the ML Workshop.

ICFP, and by extension the ML workshop, will be now officially be held online with a significantly reduced fee. Due to the change in official status we decided to extend the submission deadline to the end of May.

Important Dates (updated)

  • Friday 29th May (any time zone): Abstract submission deadline
  • Friday 17th July: Author notification
  • Thursday 27th August: ML Family Workshop

I’m an author of a talk that was just accepted at the workshop, and I wonder how we should prepare the talks. (I hope @lpw25 that you don’t mind using the forum for this, let me know otherwise and I’ll go back to email.)

Minor note: the workshop webpage on the ICFP website is out of date in that it still says “Currently, the workshop is still scheduled to go ahead as planned in Jersey City”.

The Call for Presentations says:

Each presentation should take 20-25 minutes, except demos, which should take 10-15 minutes. The exact time will be decided based on the number of accepted submissions. The presentations will likely be recorded.

Have you decided yet how the online conference will proceed from the speaker point of view? I wonder about the following:

  • Do we know for sure that we are going for pre-recorded talks, instead of live talks?
  • Will there be a deadline for recording and uploading talk strictly before the workshop date? (Has the deadline been decided?)
  • Are there specific rules or recommendations for recording the talks? I would assume that we are recording just the speaker face giving the talk, and send slides separately? (Do people give timing information on the slides?) Is there a forced format for the slide, it has to be a PDF, or could a HTML presentation do as well?

I will be in holidays for part of August, so knowing early would help scheduling the preparation work.

(cc @ivg who might be facing the same questions for the OCaml Workshop.)


In terms of the logistics, my plan is basically to follow what the main ICFP conference is doing. The details are still being worked out but so far:

  • Talks will be pre-recorded
  • There will be a deadline in advance of the workshop for the recordings. ICFP is using August 8th. We can probably be a bit more lenient than that, but I expect it to be at least a week before the workshop.
  • In terms of recommendations, there is this.
  • We will have time for ~20min talks and ~5mins of questions. We may adjust that a bit – I think maybe talks are quicker when prerecorded and questions take longer when virtual.

I’ll try to send an email out this weekend to authors with some more concrete details.