MirageOS hack retreat 2024 edition (April 22nd - 28th)

Dear valued OCaml enthusiast,

it is my pleasure to distribute the news that there will be a next face-to-face meeting of MirageOS people in sunny Marrakesh, Morocco.

This time it is in late April, and we’re keen to say hi to new faces and to people we already know.

Everyone is welcome - you should be nice and also be interested in MirageOS (to a certain degree). :smiley: But if you’re mostly joining for the sunshine and delicious food, that is fine as well.

Further information and registration instructions on https://retreat.mirage.io

Hope to see you there!


What I forgot to mention, in case you have any further questions about the retreat, feel free to reach out - either here, via mastodon, or via eMail.