Menhir unknown option --graph

The --graph option for menhir is documented in the manual, but is not being accepted:

$ menhir --version
menhir, version 20210310

$ dune build src/driver/driver.exe
      menhir src/lib/ (exit 2)
(cd _build/default && /home/romildo/.opam/4.11.2/bin/menhir --explain --dump --graph --log-grammar 2 src/lib/parser.mly --base src/lib/parser --infer-write-query src/lib/
/home/romildo/.opam/4.11.2/bin/menhir: unknown option '--graph'.

Why is this option unavailable anymore?

From the Changelog for 20201214:

  • Rename the undocumented option --graph to --reference-graph .

So maybe try --reference-graph.

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