Menhir generating empty conflicts file?

in the past, I’ve used menhir’s .conflicts file to debug my grammars with excellent effect. Yesterday I was working with a grammar, and have 8 “productions are never reduced” conflicts, and the .conflicts file is empty. I invoke menhir thus:

$ menhir --table --explain parser.mly

and file file parser.conflicts is empty:

-rw-r--r-- 1 chet chet        0 Jun 29 11:44 parser.conflicts

If it’s relevant, this is a grammar I get by taking the official OCaml grammar and adding a whole bunch of antiquotations. I’ve done this successfully for OCaml grammar versions 4.10-5.1 (every major version) without problems. Also, in case it’s relevant, I do generate types for all the nonterminals (using the “mock” method) and that process produces an empty .conflicts file too.

Any advice appreciated.

ETA: Oh, hm. It looks like menhir only generates .conflicts file contents for shift/reduce conflicts? Not for “never reduced” warnings ?