'M-x ocp-index-jump-to-definition' doesn't work anymore


Am I the only user of this emacs feature provided by ocp-index?

In the past, it used to open the right file and place the cursor
at the beginning of the searched-for definition.

I have ocaml-4.12 and ocp-index 1.2.2.
I believe it is broken now…


I reported what I observe:

Is there any particular project it doesn’t work in or is it a general issue?
Installing ocaml-4.12.0 right now to see if it fails for me.

Any codebase I work on, it doesn’t work.
It used to work in the past, and was super useful to jump into things…

hmm, can’t merlin do the same thing? i don’t have ocp-index installed and jump to definition all the time (merlin on vim)

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I can try changing the key binding to call a merlin function, but it is annoying when things that were working in the past don’t anymore. It makes me feel like I am in the Python ecosystem…

Ok, so ‘M-x merlin-locate’ does the same job as the now defunct ‘M-x ocp-index-jump-to-definition’.