Lwt.ppx + mirageOS: how does it work?

Apologies if this is an FAQ. I’d like to use Lwt.ppx to write mirageOS unikernel.ml files. How can I convince mirage of the need to include lwt_ppx in its ocamlfind incantation without messing with generated files after mirage configure -t macos && make depend and before make?

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Ok, found it thanks to a helpful colleague. In config.ml, I added ~packages:[package "lwt_ppx"]to the arguments of foreign in the definition of main so config.ml now is this:

open Mirage

let main =
  foreign "Unikernel.Main"
    ~packages:[package "lwt_ppx"]
    (console @-> job)

let () =
  register "pingpong" [main $ default_console ]
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