Looking for OCaml developers for a Tezos based Decentralised Betting Exchange!

Hi guys,

My team and I are working on a decentralised betting exchange called BettingWin - https://www.bettingwin.online

We want to create a platform through which users can place bets in a decentralised environment; bettors bet, market makers create markets and reporters report events. It’s still in development and we are looking to work with some new developers.

We are currently looking to expand our team and bring on some developers to complete paid tasks or become a permanent member of the team depending on our compatibility :slight_smile: We are really interested in working with smart, insightful developers who are familiar with OCaml and have experience with programming smart contracts. Also, any developers with an interest in Tezos are very welcome as that is the blockchain we are using.

We can arrange Skype calls to discuss things in detail. Please contact me at suraj@bettingwin.online

Looking forward to speaking to some of you guys!
Kind regards,

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