List of OCaml warnings with '@since'-like tag

My colleague wanted to find out in which version warning 70: missing-mli was introduced, but we could not find a large list of warning numbers with @since-like tags indicating which compiler versions introduced them.

After some non-trivial search (mostly due to stale manpage versions in Google), I found this webpage, which lists all compiler options and warnings, but does not say when they were introduced.

I thought that maybe the manpage might do so, but it shows about the same thing (BTW, apparently the manpage is not up-to-date: less ~/.opam/4.13.1/man/man1/ocamlc.1 only shows warnings up to 68).

Finally, someone suggested looking at the Changes file, but it’s still far from ideal: for warning 70, the file only mentions #9407: optional warning for missing mli interface file, so grepping for missing-mli or 70 do not work; and the line containing it is currently number 1014, so you have to manually scroll up until line 671 to realize that is the release version which introduced it.

So, is there already such an easy-to-use list somewhere?

Otherwise, would it be useful to make a PR for adding that info to the OCaml manual? Even if not entirely complete (for all warnings and compiler options), having it for at least recent warnings could still be helpful.

I don’t think so.

Yes, I think this would be useful. A PR would be welcome, but note that there are some design choices to make, as the documentation is currently generated automatically from the output of ocamlc -warn-help.