[job/part-time] position for MoonBit advocate

MoonBit is ML language inspired by Rust, Go and OCaml, it was announced with a Wasm backend, and recently we added a JavaScript backend, we plan to ship a native backend this year.

It is similar to OCaml, the main difference is that we have traits, zero-cost generics and modern tooling support. You are welcome to DM for more details.

Best – Hongbo


Awesome news! Congratulation!
Just out of curiosity :

the main difference is … and modern tooling support.

Not really sure to understand what does it mean :slight_smile: , what modern tooling are you referring ? (It is a true question)

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Thanks for asking. Note MoonBit has been developed for around one and half a year by a small team.

Currently we shipped build system, package manager, cloud native debugger, builtin test coverage, two backends and more.

Things I am most proud of is its cloud native IDE, it is a full blown IDE which supports standard library and multiple packages, it is to my best knowledge the only IDE truly working in the browser (without server support) for non-toy languages.

Another thing I am excited about is that MoonBit is designed for LLM, we are co-designing the language to make it AI native.

You can follow our twitter account for weekly progress.