Is there a way to turn off ocaml-lsp error diagnostics?

I am using vscode ocaml plugin, it looks great.
However, there are false alarms from time to time, I would like to use the build output for error reporting(I could set it up by myself).
Is there a way to turn off the error diagnostics from merlin? I would still prefer to use it for auto-completion and other stuff, thanks – Hongbo

Hi !
I don’t think there is a way of doing that from vscode and ocaml-lsp doesn’t have such a config
What kind of false-positives do you get though ?

I think one of frequently annoying false positives is when you’re editing the file, but there is a syntax error diagnostic spanning across several lines making editing hard.

I’m thinking about adding ocamllsp functionality to get only certain kinds of errors, getting errors not on change but only on save, and clearing diagnostics.