Is ocaml-asn1-combinators abandoned?

Master is broken for a while, pull requests are not reviewed/merged. So calling out to the maintainers.

Don’t you think it’s a bit of a hyperbole to call a project abandoned because a non essential PR to it has not been merged in 4 days ?


There is also, so it is not 4 days and non-essential error. Apparently it is also important for Mirage OS. And master is broken for quite a while.

I think that being unable to build a project is quite a significant error. Especially considering that OPAM now installs the latest compiler by default AFAIK. It’s not that I’m blaming the maintainer or something, just noticing that this is a valid reason for concern.

Pervasives is only deprecated in 4.08 nothing should prevent from building that package (unless the author enabled -warn-error on release, which I highly doubt).

Besides I still find it rather unpleasant for authors that people are calling projects abandonned when one can see the author has been working on improving it less than two months ago.


Ah, yeah, indeed it worked. I think I had problems with building it recently, but not sure for what reason. I’m not that concerned now :wink:

Well, the port to bigarray-compat is essential for move to the latest cstruct, which has some important features. Having 4.08 build is just nice to have.

Ah, yeah, I couldn’t build it alongside with cstruct.5.0.0. Now I’m very concerned again.

You probably noticed that there were bugs fixed within the last month, or so. If you didn’t, you should have.

It’s not even close to being abandoned – I’m just a bit lazy, and a bit dealing with other things. And a bit have its complete rewrite on my hands, that addresses about 5 years of experience with the approach, in which I need to tie a few loose ends and push it out.


Well, I think it is possible to merge these PRs, make a new release, and push complete rewrite after, so the fixed version can be used right now, without waiting some indefinite amount of time.

That’s up to the maintainers who went to the hard work of writing and releasing the original code. But I do know that seeing a title such as the topic of this post would just irritate and demotivate me as a maintainer. I encourage you to be more considerate in your post titles here, please.