Is 4.06 out? If so, what's new?

I noticed that seems to say 4.06 is out (though I note, oddly, that the News column on the right side isn’t in date order!), but I haven’t seen any mention of it anywhere, if I click on the announcement news item it just takes me to the code, and I can’t seem to find any messages describing what the major interesting changes are.

If it is indeed out, would anyone care to summarize what the cool new things to look for in 4.06 are?

Here is the official announce:
In general, the list of changes for each versions is available in the Changes file:

Also, the News column from takes directly the OCaml Planet RSS feed (see:
The two first rows are just pinned.

Eeep! That’s really quite long! I was hoping for a web page with highlights, but I suppose I’ll have to read through it.

By the way, when the announcement refers to “GPR#NNN” or “MPR#NNN”, what are these? I imagine they’re tickets in some pair of ticket systems, but it isn’t clear to me which they would be…

For the record, reading the caml-list through the archives website is probably not a good idea since sympa removes all indentation. The well indented Changes file is probably better:

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That is indeed dramatically easier to read. (A shame that sympa removes indentation, that must make it harder to read list archives in general.)

GPR refers to GitHub PRs and MPR refers to Mantis issues

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Note that 4.06 is new enough that <your favorite packages> might not yet work.

See also

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That is even better! I wish it hot linked to the issues in github and mantis but it is much more legible!

Like utop for example. (It has a broken dependency. :frowning: )

Wish granted →



Thank you!!!

As long as I am asking, or maybe overreaching, any chance the news item on the front page could link to that?

Oh, and I note that the items marked as breaking with * in the plain text version aren’t marked that way on the web page.

Te problem is that the news item is automatically generated from the Inria feed. Maybe we need to process specially these… :slight_smile:

Feel free to propose any changes/fixes/improvements by sending a PR/issue here:

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I opened an issue to keep track of that particular improvement.

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