Introductory OCaml slides

I am look for slides for an introduction to OCaml to present in a lecture to my compiler construction undergraduates students.

In the course they are supposed to complete parts of a compiler for a toy language in OCaml. But they have not programmed in OCaml before. They have been using mainly C, C++ and Java.

There is a MOOC from Université Paris Diderot: Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml
They have very good slides about Ocaml.

Or do you look rather for a short Slide deck?

Then this might be interesting:

They look very good indeed, although they seem to extensive for use in the scheduled time for the OCaml introduction lectures.

Can I host copies of the PDF files at my course page?

I will take a look at this too.

They are in German but this is the newest version of the slides that introduced me to OCaml nearly a decade ago. Search for “folien.pdf”, the functional programming/OCaml part starts at page 133.