Install Ocsigen



This tutorial seems to indicate that opam install ocsigen-start should be sufficient. Did you get it to work ?

If not could you please report the output of

opam install ocsigen-start
type eliom-distillery
echo $PATH
ls $(opam config var bin)/eliom-distillery


I confirm that eliom-distillery comes with the eliom package and not via a separate one. ocsigen-start depends on eliom, and thus eliom-distillery must be available already. So it must be a $PATH issue.


Indeed a problem with the PATH !

It works !

Thanks to all people who helped me !


Thank you very much for you help


But when I do




i receive

This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 8080 myapp

with google chrome on xenial


@mico you need to provide details and the invocations you actually perform if you want people to be able to help you.


I just opened google chrome and typed an adress after a successful completion of

eliom-distillery -name myapp -template os.pgocaml


You have only instantiated the Ocsigen Start template, but you have not yet compiled your project.

Please follow the instructions in myapp/


Indeed ! Sorry ! I missed this step !

Now it works !

Thank you very much for your patience.