Incr_memoize, diffable, streamable

I’m probably doing something stupid, but I can not find on opam/github the following packages: incr_memorize, diffable, streamagle

from the following: incr_map/dune at v0.15 · janestreet/incr_map · GitHub

Context: I am trying to get bonsai/partial-render-table (not incremental/partial-render-table) to work. This requires incr_map_collate, and here we are.

Upon some further research:

There is:

Unfortunately: (1) they do not build for me with bonsai v0.15.0, and (2) I can’t find anything pre 0.16.0 for either of the two packages above.

At this point, it may be less work to just port

Have you tried installing then from the development release by using GitHub - janestreet/opam-repository: Opam repository for the development version of Jane Street packages? I have a separate switch set up for bleeding edge vs stable JS packages.

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No, I currently am using 1 opam switch, with the standard repo. I may have to go this route and switch to 0.16-;preview-### given the issues I’m running into.