In browser: *.ml -> *.js without using top level?

Short Question: Is there a way to, in Chrome, do *.ml → *.js, without building a top level, i.e. How to build a toplevel , instead by running jsoo (in Chrome) directly ?

Long question:

  1. On desktop, we have ocaml compiler vs ocaml repl.

  2. Now, if we look at the browser, we have things like ocaml-playground, try-eio which is like running “ocaml repl” in the browser

  3. This question here is this; in browser, if I don’t need a REPL, but I want to do *.ml → *.js, is there a way to do this without building the top level ?

I.e. I want to do *.ml → *.js in browser, but I want to avoid paying the compile time of How to build a toplevel