Images in documentation


I like to put images when documenting my libraries, eg. oplot
However they are not included in the documentation: Oplot · oplot 0.50 · OCaml Packages

For the doc that I maintain on the github page, I have to upload the image files manually. However I cannot do this for So, is there a way to have odoc (or dune ?) aware that some image files should be placed in the doc folder?

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No, see this odoc issue. If you want them to show up in odig here is how.

(Some people suggested to work around using data URIs, but I’m not very fond of littering my sources with megabytes of base64 encoded binary data)

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Thanks for the (sad) answer!
Given that the issue is already quite old, I may use the (bad) temporary solution to include URLs to the images hosted on github.

But that’s bad because the images will not be available without internet connection, in a locally installed doc.

First of all, animated images are pure evil. They trigger anxiety, so are an accessibility barrier. Please be aware of this. (This is actually one of the reasons I’ll never be able to use VSCode, because their documentation is full of these).

Still images are okay this way, but are yet problematic if they require significant bandwidth to view. People are on limited metered connections.


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did you try blocking animated images (or all images) in your browser setting?