Image processing using opencv

I have a python code which i would like to convert it to OCaml.

The library take a PNG remove border, horizontal lines, crops the image to pieces, denoises and resize again.

We use opencv.

I searched around in opam, github to find the following link that perform some functions that i need.


The below two links demostrate an FFI - “extern C” approach.

  1. FFI interface to opencv
  2. FFI interface to opencv

Are there packages in OCaml for imageprocessing like opencv ?

Should i take the FFI interface to opencv from OCaml ?

Your thoughts are welcome.

I don’t have any opinion on what’s the best approach in your case, but there is a newer project page for ocamlimages, which indicates that it’s actively maintained, with latest commits last year and a long history.

Thanks for your reply.

Will check it out.