How to use Core_Kernel.Command?

Hi all.
I’m working on a binary that should run on all platform including windows, that’s why I’m using Core_Kernel instead of Core.
I notice difference detween the Command library, one of which is that the run function is absent.
What should I use instead of run to make my cli ?
If there is no altearnative, what does Core_Kernel.command should be used for ?

Thanks for your answer

Hi @Wulfman, Command is Unix-only, unfortunately. You won’t be able to use it to make Windows CLIs.

Core_kernel.Command exists so you can define command-line parsing logic, argument types, flags, and things like that in portable libraries (e.g., libraries shared with js_of_ocaml programs), but it won’t let you actually run the command, because that requires Unix features. (If you’re curious, you can look at module signature For_unix in to see what exactly it needs.)