How to make OCaml compiler report unused module aliases?


I wonder if it is possible to make the OCaml compiler to report unused module aliases?

For example, in the following file (, I want to enable ocamlc to report the warnings that two module aliases S and L are unused.

module S = String
module L = List

let foo () =
  let a = 1 in
  let b = 2 in
  a + b

The only relevant warning options that I can find from ocamlc -warn-help are 31 (31 [module-linked-twice] A module is linked twice in the same executable) and 60 ([unused-module] Unused module declaration).

However, when running the following command, ocamlc doesn’t report any warning.

$ ocamlc -w +31+60+66

# no warning is reported

Does anyone know how to enable ocamlc to report such warnings that module S = String and module L = List are unused?

Thank you for spending your time to read my question!


You need to enable warning 60 and add an empty interface file for it to trigger.



@nojb: Thanks a lot! This is a great tip.

I create an empty file test.mli and now ocamlc can report the unused module aliases:

$ ocamlc -w +60 test.mli

File "", line 2, characters 0-15:
2 | module L = List
Warning 60 [unused-module]: unused module L.

@nojb: Do you know if there is an option to enable this warning for the whole project of many files?

I just realized that the above solution requires me to create empty interfaces for all files in my project, and it’s quite laborious…

Btw, I’m using Dune in my build system.

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Yes, it is enugh to add

(env (_ (flags :standard -w +60)))

in the top-level dune file.

For executables, you can set (executables_implicit_empty_intf true) in your dune-project file to automatically generate an empty interface whenever one does not exist already (see Stanza Reference — dune documentation).

For libraries, there will be an analogous option in 3.0, see Add support for (empty_module_interface_if_absent) by nojb · Pull Request #4955 · ocaml/dune · GitHub.



@nojb: Thanks a lot for the update! I was able to use those options with the newest Dune 3.0-alpha built from source code.

FYI, the latest dune 2.9.1 from Opam doesn’t support (executables_implicit_empty_intf true) which I think is the syntax of (lang dune 3.0)